At enolix, we offer foreign investment advisory services to the potential Foreign  investors who intend to invest in or open branches/subsidiaries in the East African Region Of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania , Rwanda, Burundi And South Sudan

We have helped several foreign investors in Kenya and East African region in the following sectors:

1. Real Estate

We help potential foreign investors explore the lucrative real estate opportunities in the region by identifying and advising on the best available opportunities at any given time.
We work in partnership with well-established real estate companies in the region such as :,,, etc

2. Mining and Exploration

Through collaborations, we assisted many companies explore minerals, establish mining sites and even export minerals (especially Gold ) into the outside world. One of those companies is Fragemiz Minerals Limited -, which has branches in Kenya, Congo and France

3. Oil and Gas

4. FMCGs

5. Retail and Distribution

6. Financial services

7. Farming/Agriculture

8. Hospitality industry

9. Imports/Exports

10. Information technology

11. Manufacturing industry

Company Registration services

There are main two types of companies in the east African region:

Depending on the sector where one wants to invest, we will advise on the appropriate company names to register eg XYZ Mining Limited, XYZ Minerals Limited, XYZ Real Estate Limited Etc

After identifying the specific sectoral area of interest, we will advise on;



Note: this is a complete company and after acquiring the above items, one can operate bank account in kenya even before acquiring work permit

other important registrations/
certifications that we facilitate

We have helped several foreign investors in Kenya and East African region

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